Golden Ears Bridge

Quickpass and TReO combined billing is coming soon 

Starting this summer, you can manage your Golden Ears tolls through your TReO account, with a new combined bill. It's the simplest way to cross and pay tolls on both bridges.

How does it work?

Combined billing gives you the ease and efficiency of having only one TReO bill delivered each billing cycle, with all of your monthly transactions itemized by bridge and consolidated by car for quick and easy review.

What are the benefits?

With combined billing, you can pay for both bridges at once using your online TReO account. You'll also be sure to get the best rates on both bridges. Plus, you can have your TReO bill delivered directly to your email for even easier account management. Simply login and update your account today.

How do I sign up?

If you're already registered with TReO, have an automatic payment method on your account, and a TReO decal installed, you'll be automatically switched to combined billing. It's that easy.

If you aren't registered with a decal or payment method but want to take advantage of combined billing, follow these simple steps and update your online account today. If you would prefer to talk with someone directly, call us at 604-516-TREO (8736) or visit one of our Customer Service Centres and we'll be happy to update your account for you. 

  1. Register now with TReO for your free decal. It will work on both bridges with no monthly rental fee or deposit to worry about.
  2. Attach a  payment method to your account, such as a credit card or banking information, and you'll benefit from automatic monthly toll payments for both bridges at once. 
  3. Install your TReO decal on the inside of your windshield below your rearview mirror.

When does it start?

If you've registered with a decal and provided an automatic payment method, you will start receiving your combined bill later this summer. Please keep in mind, until combined billing has begun, your TReO and Quickpass invoices will need to be managed separately as you will receive a separate invoice for travel on each bridge.

Do TReO promotions and discounts apply to my Golden Ears tolls?

Promotions and discounts offered by TReO will only apply to trips taken on the Port Mann Bridge and will not be offered on travel for the Golden Ears Bridge. However, by having your TReO decal installed on your windshield and a payment method on file, you will qualify for Golden Ears Bridge's lowest transponder rate.

What if I have more questions?

If you still have questions, simply call us at 604-516-TREO (8736) and we'll be happy to help.