The Bridge

The Port Mann Bridge

The Port Mann Bridge is one of Metro Vancouver’s major Fraser River crossings and the region’s primary east-west economic corridor for both commercial and commuter traffic.

The new 10-lane Port Mann Bridge opened in 2012 as part of the Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project, replacing an aging five-lane structure and putting an end to 14 hours a day of congestion, the worst traffic bottleneck in British Columbia.

Drivers today are saving hours a week on the new bridge and improved highway.

Port Mann/Highway 1 Project

The Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project was the largest-ever transportation project in British Columbia’s history. After 10 years of planning and building, construction on the project was completed in summer 2015, on time and on budget.

The new bridge replaced the former five-lane Port Mann Bridge, which was built in the early 1960s when the area's population was 800,000. Today, the bridge serves more than 800,000 vehicles in any given week. The old bridge just wasn't able to accommodate the region's growth. Now, the new bridge easily accommodates the more than 2.2 million people who now call Metro Vancouver home - not to mention the additional 1 million expected over the next 30 years. All told, the benefits are far-reaching.

In fact, here are some benefits at a glance. The project includes:

  • a new 10-lane bridge with five lanes, including one HOV lane, in each direction; 
  • 37 kilometers of highway widening from Vancouver to Langley, eliminating bottlenecks along the highway;
  • a series of interchange and overpass improvements designed to provide faster, safer travel to, from and over the highway;
  • Rapid Bus service across the bridge – the first transit service on the bridge in a generation – connecting Langley to Burnaby in less than 25 minutes;
  • a three-metre wide multi-use path for pedestrians and cyclists.

The project also means:

  • improved reliability – with traffic and congestion dramatically reduced, you'll be able to predict how long your drive will take, without having to leave an extra 30 minutes early just in case traffic is bad;
  • improved safety – traffic incidents on the new bridge and highway 1 are dramatically reduced following safety improvements such as improved interchanges, new merging lanes, dedicated on- and off-ramps and an overall reduction in congestion;
  • saved time – compared to the old Port Mann Bridge, drivers today are saving hours a week (not to mention fuel) on the new bridge and highway.

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