Where Your Tolls Go

What your tolls pay for

When you pay your tolls, you are paying for the costs of new infrastructure.

Tolls on the Port Mann Bridge go directly to paying for the Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project (PMH1 Project), which involved construction of the new 10-lane Port Mann Bridge, 37 kilometres of highway widening from Vancouver to Langley, as well as 30 kilometres of new HOV lanes, and the replacement of nine highway interchanges.

These improvements have significantly reduced congestion and travel times along the Lower Mainland's busiest and most congested highway, and represent a dramatic improvement over the previously existing bridge and infrastructure. Drivers today are saving hours a week on the new bridge and improved highway.

Toll revenues go to Transportation Investment Corporation (TI Corp), the provincial Crown corporation responsible for construction of the PMH1 Project, repayment of the project debt, and ongoing maintenance of the bridge and highway.

TI Corp collects the toll revenue and ensures it is used to pay directly for the costs associated with building the project. The total cost to build the project is $3.3 billion, and TI Corp expects to repay the debt by 2050.

Each year TI Corp releases a service plan and annual report that documents revenues received from tolls. Find the most recent service plan and/or annual report on TI Corp’s Corporate Reporting page.