Frequently Asked Questions

Combined Billing FAQs

To learn more about combined billing, read through our frequently asked questions (FAQs) on managing your Golden Ears tolls through your TReO account. 

How do I read my new combined bill?

  • All of your monthly transactions are itemized by bridge and consolidated by car for quick and easy review. Each transaction is labeled by date, time, trip direction, vehicle classification and toll amount. 
  • You can easily identify multiple vehicles registered under your account by their assigned decal number. Each vehicle's monthly transactions will be separated by Port Mann and Golden Ears toll charges.
  • On the Account Summary page, you will find the total of all your monthly transactions, which takes into account all Port Mann and Golden Ears toll charges. The charges are added together to give you your total amount due.
  • A note about your total: because you are benefiting from the ease of combined billing, this total is given only for your reference; payment will take place automatically using the payment method you have on file with your TReO account. 
  • Read a more detailed breakdown of TReO's combined bill.

How do I view my Golden Ears Bridge transactions through my TReO account?

Simply login to your TReO account online and view your tolling history. Your Golden Ears Bridge transactions can be viewed separately or together with your Port Mann transactions. 

With combined billing, do I continue to pay a different toll rate when crossing the Golden Ears Bridge?

Yes. Both bridges continue to have different toll rates and vehicle classifications. Visit the Golden Ears Bridge website for a listing of the rates and classifications. 

Do TReO promotions and discounts apply to my Golden Ears tolls?

TReO's Port Mann Bridge promotions and discounts do not apply to your Golden Ears tolls. However, by having your TReO decal installed and a payment method on file, you will still qualify for Golden Ears' lowest transponder rate

The Golden Ears Bridge is owned and operated by TransLink and the Port Mann Bridge by TI Corp, two separate authorities. TransLink will continue to run the Golden Ears Bridge, and that includes setting toll rates, discounts and determining exemptions.

What happens if my decal is damaged or not reading properly on the Golden Ears Bridge?

If you're having trouble with your decal and need a new one, simply login to your account and go to My Vehicles & Decals. From here click the Request a Decal button and follow the steps. Once it arrives, please install your new decal right away to continue receiving a combined bill.

It is important to note that without a properly working decal installed in your car, your TReO account is unable to track your Golden Ears Bridge trips and you will not be eligible to receive a combined bill or the Golden Ears' lowest transponder rate.

Can I choose to receive a combined bill for only one of my vehicles within my account?

Because combined billing affects your entire account, it cannot be applied on an individual vehicle basis without first creating separate accounts.  Simply set the individual vehicle up with a new TReO account and specify your account preferences. 

What happens if I don’t pay my tolls?

You have 30 days to pay your combined bill from the date listed on your TReO statement - but because you already have a payment method attached to your account, you won't have to worry about making your payment on time. It is automatically processed for you every month.

If your payment method fails, however, and you do not update your account in time, you will no longer be eligible for combined billing, and will be responsible for paying your tolls by the due date. With combined billing discontinued, you will also receive separate invoices from both TReO and Quickpass until you pay any outstanding tolls and update your payment method online.

Learn more about accruing interest and what happens if your balance reaches more than $25 and has been outstanding for more than 90 days.

What if I don’t want to receive a combined bill?

If combined billing isn't for you, you can choose to keep your Golden Ears tolls separate through your Quickpass account and instead use a Golden Ears Bridge transponder. To do so, simply update your account preferences online or give us a call at 604‑516‑TREO (8736) and we'll be happy to update your account for you.

A note about choosing separate bills: using a TReO decal without combined billing, means you will no longer be recognized as a TReO customer when crossing the Golden Ears Bridge. To keep your low transponder rate you will need to contact Quickpass and sign up for a transponder at 604‑460‑5050.

Why do I need to add a payment method to my TReO account?

Having a payment method on file and a TReO decal installed in your car makes managing your TReO account even easier. It's the simplest way to pay tolls and makes the systems on the Golden Ears and Port Mann Bridges more efficient, keeping operating costs low for both bridges.

What if I originally chose to keep separate bills, but now I want a combined bill?

Not a problem. You can easily switch back to a combined bill as long as you are registered with a TReO decal and have a payment method on file. To make the switch, update your account preferences online or give us a call at 604‑516‑TReO (8736)

If my vehicle is exempt on the Port Mann Bridge but not on the Golden Ears Bridge will I receive a combined bill?

TReO and Quickpass have different exemption rules, so if your vehicle is exempt on the Port Mann Bridge you will not be eligible to receive a combined bill. Learn more about TReO or Quickpass exemptions. 

Who do I call if I want to dispute a Golden Ears Bridge transaction?

If you have any concerns, please give us a call at 604‑516‑TREO (8736). We will look into any transactions you feel are incorrect, and if anything needs to be resolved with Golden Ears Bridge, we will help you through the process.

Can I pay my combined bill through Quickpass?

Because your combined bill is managed through your TReO account, you'll need to pay TReO instead of Quickpass. 

What if I have more questions?

If there's something we didn't answer, please give us a call at 604‑516‑TREO (8736) and we'll be happy to help.

For any questions about your Golden Ears Bridge trips taken before September 1st, 2014 or any recent Golden Ears tolls on a Quickpass bill, please call Quickpass at 604-460-5050.