Paying For Tolls

Paying for tolls

One of the benefits of open road tolling is you can drive without slowing down for booths. To keep it easy and convenient, there are a variety of ways for you to pay - either before or after you travel.

Registered TReO account holders

For people who are regular drivers of the Port Mann Bridge and have registered for a TReO account, you can enjoy the seamless payment methods that come with setting up payment tied to your account.

Keep in mind, when you register for a TReO account you'll never have to worry about paying a licence plate processing fee. Plus, you can choose to manage your Golden Ears tolls through your TReO account, with a new combined bill. So go ahead and register now.

Making a one time payment

For less frequent travelers like tourists that may not have a TReO account, there are many other easy ways to pay. In fact, you can pay online and make a one time payment after you travel across the Port Mann Bridge. All you need is your licence plate number or invoice. Pay Now.