Tolls and Fees

Save even more time with TReO

For the last year, as construction along Highway 1 has been wrapping up, drivers who registered early have been eligible for low introductory toll rates. With these new highway lanes now open, drivers can save up to an hour a day.

As of January 1, with extra lanes open west of the Port Mann Bridge, and drivers able to save even more time, the low introductory rates have been replaced with regular toll rates.

For drivers already paying the regular toll rates, there is no change. Tolls have stayed the same.

Regular toll rates

The following rates are for single one-way trips across the Port Mann Bridge. Remember, discounts are available when you register with TReO.

Choose the type of vehicle you drive

  • Motorcycles


    per crossing

    A motor vehicle that runs on two or three wheels.

  • Small Vehicles

    Small Vehicles

    per crossing

    Cars, pick-up trucks, and SUVs

    A motor vehicle less than 6 metres in length and 2.3 metres or less in height.
  • Medium Vehicles

    Medium Vehicles

    per crossing

    A car with a trailer, a cube van or a motorhome.

    A motor vehicle between six and eight metres in length.
  • Large Vehicles

    Large Vehicles

    per crossing

    A commercial truck with or without a trailer, a motorbus or a large motorhome.

    A motor vehicle that is eight metres or more in length, or a medium vehicle with a trailer having a combined length of eight metres or more.

Additional fees

As a Port Mann Bridge driver you may incur additional fees for disputing a toll, failing to pay or having non-sufficent funds in your bank account. 

Additional Fees
Interest on Overdue Tolls & Fees
(calculated and compounded monthly)
19% annual rate
Licence Plate Processing Fee $2.30 per trip
Dispute Arbitration Fee $30.00
Failed Payment / Non-Sufficient Fund Cheque Fee $20.00