Getting Your Decal

Get your free TReO decal

Getting your TReO decal is easy. It will automatically be ordered and mailed to you within two weeks of registration. But first, there are a few things to ensure you have ready. In order to register for your decal, you will need your:

  • licence plate number
  • payment information (credit card or banking information)
  • name and current address on your valid ICBC Autoplan vehicle insurance policy exactly as it appears on your documents, for BC registered vehicles (not required for out of province vehicles). 

When you add a new vehicle and select TReO decal as your tolling method, there is a default setting that will automatically ensure a decal is sent to you.

If you are already registered, simply login to your account and go to My Vehicles & Decals. From here click the Request a Decal button and follow the steps.

When you receive your TReO decal, please install it as soon as possible. You will find instructions for installing your decal here. You won't need to add your new decal number to your TReO account, as your decal will automatically link with your licence plate number. 

Do you also drive the Golden Ears Bridge?

The Port Mann and Golden Ears Bridges are interoperable, which means when you register with an automatic payment method and install a TReO decal, you can manage your Golden Ears tolls through your TReO account with a combined bill. Your decal will be activated the first time you drive over either bridge and your travel will be tracked automatically. It's the simplest way to cross and pay tolls, plus you'll be sure to get the best rate on both bridges.