Installing Your Decal

Installing your free TReO decal

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to install your decal.

Please note that decals have not been assigned to a specific vehicle and will automatically be linked with your licence plate. If more than one decal arrives in your welcome package, you can install any decal on any one of your vehicles.

The diagrams below will help you attach the decal in the right spot. Please make sure you don't bend or damage your decal. The decal will not work if you try to remove and reapply it. 


Removing your TReO decal

Should you need to remove your TReO decal, simply peel it from your windshield and discard. Any remaining adhesive can easily be removed with windshield cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Please be aware that removing your decal will destroy it and decals cannot be transferred between vehicles.

If you've removed your decal and need a new one, simply order a new decal online. Please see our Decal FAQs for more information.

Do you also drive the Golden Ears Bridge?

The Port Mann and Golden Ears Bridges are interoperable, which means when you register with an automatic payment method and install a TReO decal, you can manage your Golden Ears tolls through your TReO account with a combined bill. Your decal will be activated the first time you drive over either bridge and your travel will be tracked automatically. It's the simplest way to cross and pay tolls, plus you'll be sure to get the best rate on both bridges.

Please be aware that your TReO account can only track your Golden Ears Bridge trips if you have a properly working decal installed on your car. If you are a regular Golden Ears Bridge driver and need a new decal, you’ll need to pick up your new decal in person so you can install it right away and continue receiving the lowest rates. Please see our Decal FAQs for more information.