Replacing Your Decal

Order a replacement decal

If you need to order a replacement decal, in most cases, this can be done online. Simply login to your account and go to My Vehicles & Decals. From here click the Request a Decal button and follow the steps.

Need a hand ordering your decal online? Watch our step-by-step tutorial video to help you learn how.

If you fall into one of these categories, read our Decal FAQs to learn what to do in each situation:

If your vehicle has been stolen, please call TReO Customer Service right away and provide us with your police report number. You will not be required to pay any tolls incurred as a result of unauthorized use.

Update your account

Please note that if you buy a new vehicle or change your licence plate number on your current vehicle, you'll also need to update your TReO account online.

For a quick tutorial on how to add and delete vehicles from your account, click here. A new decal will automatically be sent to you when you add your vehicle and select "TReO decal" as your tolling method.

Until you update your account, your licence plate number will not be recognized as a registered vehicle in our system and it will not be eligible for any discounts.